Tuesday, March 3, 2009

4th puzzle piece

***First I wanted to let everyone know that all info for the swap is on this new blog if you scroll all the way down to the first post.

I am getting a late start this morning so I thought I would take advantage of my "lateness" and post my fourth piece. I will be clipping all edges and applying Fray check because I used an assortment of fabrics such as silk dupioni and baby does that run wild! Thank you Diane for the suggestion. I have two tubes and never use it. Duh!

I have received many questions and I will answer them as they arrive on new posts here,on this blog. I will not mention names, just answer questions so everyone can possibly benefit.

Now,let me pick apart my puzzle so those of you who think they must be perfect can relax.

#1~As you can see, I used a blanket stitch (buttonhole) on my pieces. I did not measure or mark my stitches because for one, that's not my style, and this is supposed to be a fun item to swap with new and old friends, not to be judged or on display at a museum. So, lighten up, take a deep breath, and enjoy these small projects. You know if your work is something you would like to receive or not. If it takes you five minutes to make a piece, it probably isn't something you want to swap out right? You have three months left to make four pieces. Trust me, you have time to play. If you want to send more, I will swap out the first four and whatever is left will be swapped. If there aren't enough to swap, they go in the "Puzzle bank" for when new pieces arrive. (Sorry, no interest will be given) ;-)

2.~I placed my four pieces together as an example to show how the outer tabs look larger than the inner tab spaces. This is why they will not interlock like a real puzzle.That is fine, we are crafty and we can tack our pieces together and no gaps will be seen. It doesn't matter because that is negative space and since there is nothing there, we aren't covering any of the embellished design up.

The gaps you see in my photo will be snugged closed.

The fun part of this for me is going to be "working" my puzzle. Trying to place random art pieces together for a wall hanging.Since everyone will be making their own Art using various methods, this will be a very interesting Art piece and each of us will have a one of a kind.

Please remember to let me know if you want to swap with me so I can be ready for swapping. I will continue to make pieces to put into the puzzle bank.

All pieces will be mailed to me by June first.Please email for address.

Gotta run...have a great day!


  1. Hiya Pat - it appears "Melusine from England" is missing from the Swappers list.

  2. I would like to swap with you. I was thinking about doing 6 pieces.

  3. Hi Pat, I would love to swap with you. After all you are the one who got me started on this never ending journey. Sharon