Sunday, March 22, 2009

Puzzle pieces arrive from Terri Takacs!!!

Don't be alarmed, you have 2+ months to send in your pieces. I just wanted to share Terri's pieces with you to show how they will go together when yours arrive. You may collect as many as you wish and assemble however you wish. This is just an example, and I know Terri won't mind me sharing her work. Please remember to let me know if your puzzle pieces can be posted on our blog here. Thanks :-)

Thank you Terri! They are lovely!!!


  1. Looking good. Beautiful work girls!!! Sharon

  2. I made 3 new pieces - 2 experimenting with surface embroidery, needle weaving & hardanger; one with a tatted basket of flowers. I'm ready to send to you but I did want to swap with you as well. If you would like to pick which one you want (from these or the CQ pieces you linked before) it would make it easier :) Do we send 5 if we want to swap with you as well as participate in the group trade?

  3. It is amazing how wonderful those look together! I have been wondering how they would love-OMG-it is beautiful.

    Tina in IL

  4. What an honor to have your work touching my work ;)