Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Puzzle pieces from Amber Rutz

Amber's puzzles arrived this afternoon. They are so much more detailed than her photo shows. Amber, the bullion stitched trees are so adorable. Goodness, what a lot of stitching and beading. Great job!
Thank you for the little felted pin cushions and the little knitted needle case. That was sweet of you and I will use them that's for certain!


  1. While I notice most of the pieces have a buttonhole stitch finish around the edges, 3 of these appear to be turned under or perhaps lined so that they were turned inside out although that would be pretty fiddly. It might be nice if participants could mention what made finishing easiest. Oh...I could go to their blog and see if they did!

  2. What wonderful pieces. The stitching that went into them, oh my goodness. Sharon

  3. Such a fun project. I found your blog from Cindy's Stitches in time. Looking forward to stopping in:) Jenna Louise