Monday, April 6, 2009

Puzzle pieces from Cathy Kizerian

Cathy's puzzle pieces arrived on Saturday. Cathy, they are just beautiful. Here are the pieces from me, Terri T, and Cathy K placed together.............
friendships are growing!!!!
~Cathy, thank you for the beautiful vintage laces :-) I placed the purple piece in my purple purse stash collection for a large purple purse made from purple gifties from friends and special finds.


  1. Wow when they are by themselves they are lovely, but put them all together as Pat has and they are spectacular!!!! Sharon

  2. I just love these cq puzzle pieces. I would love to make a few, just too many projects right now. Hope the blog continues so I can try making a few in about two months.
    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!! Awesome seeing them all together.