Thursday, May 28, 2009

Deadline approaching...............

Just a gentle reminder to let you know the puzzle pieces are due on Monday, June 1st. So, if you can get them mailed this week, that would be great. The pieces that have arrived are amazing and everyone will be happy with their return pieces I'm sure. Thank you all for playing, and let me know who is interested in another round. There are no plans at this time, and with Summer and gardening keeping most of us busy, it will probably be in the Autumn.


  1. All of the pieces are amazing! I love seeing them as they come in. Autumn sounds good to me.

  2. Hi Pat,
    I'd be up for another round, they were fun to make, once I got the nack of it. I have emailed you my Address, forgot to add my note on the inside for you... I'm from the Uk, but I'm an aussie, so the next one I possibly will be home in Sunny Townsville, Australia.

    Thanks for this, can't wait for my return blocks.

  3. I'm interested in participating in the next round. I didn't see this until it was well underway and I had other swap/stitching commitments. Autumn would be a good time for me. I'll watch for it.

  4. Wow time flies...all the puzzle pieces received to date are lovely.
    What a great swap Pat!
    Hope you are enjoying your mini vacation?


  5. HI Pat, Sounds good to me. Would you be doing the same shape and size? Autumn sounds great. Sharon