Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just arrived Pieces from Ira Rosenshtein

Ira's puzzle pieces just arrived! Ira used the crazy patch method and did a fabulous job. So much too see on each piece. Thank you Ira for the goodies to cover shipping.The pieces are pouring in now as we approach the deadline of June 1st.
Remember, you do not have to crazy quilt...all media is welcome.


  1. So much little time!! LOL I love looking at all these puzzle pieces. I had never seen this type of swap before.


  2. Wow, Pat, I envy you getting to see all of these beauties in person! Everything coming in these last few days is just gorgeous. We rock!

  3. These are amazing! I wish I had time to make some; of course mine would be funky painted and embellished as you've seen instead of lovely pieces like these!

  4. Ira's pcs. are gorgeous. Love the colors and the stitches. Sharon

  5. I am drooling on the keyboard again! I can't get over the great detail on this pieces! All of the ones I am looking at are fabulous - I will be so happy to receive any four of them in the mail!