Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another puzzle piece..

I finished another puzzle piece today. My Cottonwood allergy has left me with a raw throat and feeling lethargic. Although I feel like I could sleep for days I decided it would be best to keep moving forward so I grabbed a stitching project, bottle of water, turned on the fountain and planted myself in the garden for a few hours. I made progress on a birthday project, and completed another puzzle piece. I need to finish the edges and off it goes.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another puzzle piece

Hi ladies. Sorry if I sounded like I was complaining in the last post. Sometimes I capture the moment in words, but no way was I complaining, and yes, I do want to do this again :-)

After I cleared my mind, which wasn't too hard, LOL, it all went smoothly.
I finished another piece with two more in the embellishing stage.This just needs the blanket stitching. I love this image of the little girls.
Tomorrow I must work on a birthday gift for a surprise party next week, then back to making puzzles and the big gift shop order. Little bit at a time.......
Just like I tell mom when she looks forlorn at the dune we are about to climb, look down at your feet and take small steps...little bit at a time and before you know are at the top with energy to spare!
Anyway, forgive my rantings, I enjoyed this swap and look forward to more. However I will be better prepared to swap next time. :-)
Have a great evening.

Mailing tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoever is standing in line behind me tomorrow at the post office is going to be one unhappy camper. I swapped out the puzzle pieces and have them labeled,packed,and in a bag ready to head off in the morning.
Some of you will have an IOU for a puzzle piece from me. I have started working on them today and will ship them off as I finish. I hope that is ok. I didn't want to hold up your other pieces, so I will just ship mine separately.

I found a way to swap out the pieces fairly. First I set aside the swappers who definitely wanted to swap with me. I then swapped one of mine with theirs until I was out. Next I made piles of pieces according to names and turned them upside down. Then I chose 4 pieces from random piles until all were gone. I checked to make sure the pieces tagged for certain people were swapped correctly. Finally, the not so fun part, addressing envelopes and filling out custom forms. I am really sick of writing my name by now, but so happy I am finished.

These will ALL be mailed in the morning. Thanks for your patience, your kind gifts, and for playing along in the Pieces of Friendship swap #1.
I will post info in the Fall for the next round for those interested.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


A view of all puzzle pieces.........
These aren't assembled properly, but it gives you an idea of how many were sent. Wow!

Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Swapping them out

Alright,I think I left my organization skills in PA, or somewhere along the trip.
I sat in the floor with DH last night to swap out the pieces.....first it yourself. It became such a mess that I have put everything on hold until after class on Saturday. I will not be mailing these out until next week. I just wanted to let you know so you won't be expecting them sooner.
I know I wouldn't have been overwhelmed if I didn't have class prep on my mind, or if I had all of my own pieces made to swap out. I only have 8 done. These are the last four I finished.
I am so pleased with the turnout from this swap. Everyone did such a beautiful job and I can't wait until everyone receives their pieces.
I want to thank each of you for participating and hope you will want to continue as the swap continues in the Fall.
I also want to thank you for the thoughtful and generous "gifts & bribes" you sent. I love everything and can't wait to play with my new items.
Hang in there , I will get these sent out very soon :-)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Terisa Brooks-Huddleston

Terisa sent her pieces as well.Beautiful vintage fabrics used for crazy patch pieces and embellished with embroidery,beading,and sequins.Great job Terisa!

Jody Shields

Jody Shields also sent pieces to exchange. Fun pieces with beautiful buttons. Great job Jody.

Wendy Shu 9 pieces

Also 9 pieces from Wendy Shu of Singapore arrived. Quite an amazing selection of embroidered and beaded pieces. Wendy included a tatted charm for each recipient, and your piece will be tucked away in an organza bag.
I have included pictures of each one because the group picture was too blurry. Sorry, but I'm sure you don't mind pretty eye candy!
Thank you for the gorgeous goodies Wendy. WOW! You really shouldn't have. Great job!

Kathy Vorenberg

Pieces arrived from Kathy Vorenberg. Beautiful fabrics with amazing beaded embellishments. Great job Kathy!

Pieces from Freda Butler

Freda Butler's pieces arrived also.Beautiful felted pieces with embellishing. Wonderful job Freda. Thank you for the amazing variety of goodies. So much, I couldn't believe my eyes.

Orinda Spence

Pieces from Orinda Spence. Crazy patched, heavily embellished pastels. Great job Orinda, I'm happy you joined us :-)

Janine Franc

Pieces arrived from Janine Franc. Crazy patched, beading, heavy embellishing. Wonderful Janine!

Pieces from Jennifer Wilson-Parkes

Pieces arrived from Jennifer of Canada. Nature related crazy patched with embroidery. Great job Jen.

Names of those whose Puzzle Pieces I have received.

I have received puzzle pieces from the following participants:
1-Alice Topp of Wisconsin
2-Arlene White of the UK
3-Amber Rutz of Ohio
4-Annette Jeavons of the UK
5-Cathy Kizerian of Utah
6-Cindy Berghuis of Minnesoata
7-Darlene Doerscher of Michigan
8-Elizabeth Woodford of Virginia
10-Freda Butler of Illinois
11-Gina Brummett of Indiana
12-Grace Danel of Indiana
13-Ira Rosenshtein of Israel
14-Janine Franc of Pennsylvania
15-Jennifer Wilson-Parkes of Canada
16-Jody Shields of New Mexico
17-Judy Shaw of Washington
18-Karrin Hurd of California
19-Kathy Vorenberg of New Mexico
20-Kerry Leslie of Canada
21-Laurie Walton of Maine
22-Liz Waechter of Kansas
23-Lynn Sletta of Minnesota
24-Maggie Robinson of Canada
25-Marjorie Holme of Illinois
26-Mary Schuber of California
27-Melusine Gray of England
28-Micki Butler of Ireland
29-Orinda Spence of Colorado
30-Pat Winter of Indiana
31-Robin Robboy of Georgia
33-Sharon Chapman of Washington
34-Terisa Brooks-Huddleson of California
35-Terri Takacs of Connecticut
36-Wendy Shu of Singapore

Haven't received as of June 1st
Deborah of Georgia
Joy Brooks
Kathy (&Dan
Lana Richey
Lisa Alff of NC*
Patti Edmon
Ronel Webb of S. Africa
Tina Johnson
Veleta of OR
(Please email to let me know if they are on their way. I will wait for them if so.Thank you.)

*Thank you all for participating in the first Pieces of Friendship puzzle swap. I will be swapping these out as soon as I know all have arrived that are coming, with the help of DH so I don't select all of the purple pieces for myself ;-)
I think everyone will be pleased with their swaps.