Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another puzzle piece

Hi ladies. Sorry if I sounded like I was complaining in the last post. Sometimes I capture the moment in words, but no way was I complaining, and yes, I do want to do this again :-)

After I cleared my mind, which wasn't too hard, LOL, it all went smoothly.
I finished another piece with two more in the embellishing stage.This just needs the blanket stitching. I love this image of the little girls.
Tomorrow I must work on a birthday gift for a surprise party next week, then back to making puzzles and the big gift shop order. Little bit at a time.......
Just like I tell mom when she looks forlorn at the dune we are about to climb, look down at your feet and take small steps...little bit at a time and before you know it..you are at the top with energy to spare!
Anyway, forgive my rantings, I enjoyed this swap and look forward to more. However I will be better prepared to swap next time. :-)
Have a great evening.


  1. You did not sound like you were complaining at all. I really love this puzzzle pc. Blue is my color and the children are so precious. Sharon

  2. certainly did not think that youw ere complaining!! It is good for all to ehar that doing these swaps is a ton of work, so the swa hostess is not taken advantage of!!!!! Love this piece the image is wonderful and of course the embellishing is divine!!!