Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another puzzle piece..

I finished another puzzle piece today. My Cottonwood allergy has left me with a raw throat and feeling lethargic. Although I feel like I could sleep for days I decided it would be best to keep moving forward so I grabbed a stitching project, bottle of water, turned on the fountain and planted myself in the garden for a few hours. I made progress on a birthday project, and completed another puzzle piece. I need to finish the edges and off it goes.


  1. Oh that is pretty too. We must be sisters, same allergy and the wind was blowing here. My eyes were watering. Sharon

  2. Beautiful Piece Pat...hope your feeling better soon. It's been very overcast and on the cool side here....but as we say in CA land...May gray and June's living up to that this year.

  3. Very beautiful pieces! I'm just a beginner with the crazy stitches. On this picture I can see how you made the puzzle pieces. I'll try. I made s.t. ago pieces in mixed media style.
    I take your blog to mine, I like to look again.
    Warmest regards from germany