Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mailing tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoever is standing in line behind me tomorrow at the post office is going to be one unhappy camper. I swapped out the puzzle pieces and have them labeled,packed,and in a bag ready to head off in the morning.
Some of you will have an IOU for a puzzle piece from me. I have started working on them today and will ship them off as I finish. I hope that is ok. I didn't want to hold up your other pieces, so I will just ship mine separately.

I found a way to swap out the pieces fairly. First I set aside the swappers who definitely wanted to swap with me. I then swapped one of mine with theirs until I was out. Next I made piles of pieces according to names and turned them upside down. Then I chose 4 pieces from random piles until all were gone. I checked to make sure the pieces tagged for certain people were swapped correctly. Finally, the not so fun part, addressing envelopes and filling out custom forms. I am really sick of writing my name by now, but so happy I am finished.

These will ALL be mailed in the morning. Thanks for your patience, your kind gifts, and for playing along in the Pieces of Friendship swap #1.
I will post info in the Fall for the next round for those interested.


  1. If I was closer I'd take you to lunch,a massage, a pedicure, a walk on the beach, etc, etc, etc! You are a real trooper (the leader of the pack) and I think I can speak for everyone with a gigantic THANK YOU for all you do dear Pat. Hugs to you, Sharon

  2. Me too! What a job! But you got to see every single piece and handle them, while the rest of us just get to drool at photos online (except for our exchange pieces). I'm looking forward to seeing what I get! Thanks for doing this!

  3. Having run and organized many swaps in the past I know what a huge undertaking this is. And if one gets interrupted midswap it can be a disaster!!! Blessings upon you dear girl!! Are you really sure that you want to do this again. Word is out about this swap it will probably be even larger!!!!!
    Can't wait to get the package!!
    Big Job well done hugs!!

  4. Oh if I start now on my pieces maybe I will be able to participate in the next one....but it will be just my luck you'll change up the puzzle piece shape....hee hee...so I guess I'll wait until fall!


  5. I will be ready for the fall swap. please keep me on the notify list.... you girls all did a beautiful job, all the puzzle pieces pieces are gorgeous...Lisa Alff

  6. Hi Pat:

    I would love to participate in the next puzzle swap! How do I get on the list? VBG...