Thursday, June 4, 2009

Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Swapping them out

Alright,I think I left my organization skills in PA, or somewhere along the trip.
I sat in the floor with DH last night to swap out the pieces.....first it yourself. It became such a mess that I have put everything on hold until after class on Saturday. I will not be mailing these out until next week. I just wanted to let you know so you won't be expecting them sooner.
I know I wouldn't have been overwhelmed if I didn't have class prep on my mind, or if I had all of my own pieces made to swap out. I only have 8 done. These are the last four I finished.
I am so pleased with the turnout from this swap. Everyone did such a beautiful job and I can't wait until everyone receives their pieces.
I want to thank each of you for participating and hope you will want to continue as the swap continues in the Fall.
I also want to thank you for the thoughtful and generous "gifts & bribes" you sent. I love everything and can't wait to play with my new items.
Hang in there , I will get these sent out very soon :-)


  1. Hi Pat! I am so happy to hear we are going to be doing this again!

    Take it easy, girl, and it will all make more sense next week after class!

  2. haha! I am trying to picture doing that with Frank ~ not pleasant;)
    Take as long as you need to silly!

  3. Oh I love your pcs. Especially the ble one with the seahorse. I wish I was closer I would "try" tohelp you. Take your time. Hugs and smiles coming your way. Sharon

  4. PAt! As organizer , you are the swap QUEEN!! You take all of the time that you need!!!!! I too am very glad that we will continue in the fall!!

  5. I hope I can get in on the very next puzzle piece swap!!! Please include me if you can.